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San Diego H & M Landing Tuna Update

The Spring Season has Taken Off! It started early with Yellowtail at the Islands and just got better with the early spring catch of the season's 1st Bluefin Tuna on the Top Gun 80 on May 3rd!  Since then big Yellows continue to show and a HUGE body of Bluefin Tuna and Yellowfin Tuna have been found at 150 to 167 miles. Top Gun 80 returned to the dock from a 2.5 day trip on  Monday May 26th w...
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Less then 1 week until Tournament – Are you Ready?

Well we are less then a week until the Tournament. Things are shaping up nicely. I have included the current weather reports and fishing reports. Enjoy Latest Fishing Reports From Pacific Coast Sportsfishing Jul. 29, 11:32 AM, The barracuda went on the chew this morning off of Marina del Rey. There has been reports of a few marlin that have been seen, but non caught..The yellowtail ...
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Tuna starting to show up in the San Diego fishing reports

So far the weather is shaping up nicely. The Fishing reports for San Diego off shore is starting to heat up. Its been off and on for the last two weeks. So far the Bluefin are biting with some Albacore and Yellowtail mixed in. Check the latest fishing reports at these two URL locations: H & M Landing Daily Fish Report or Pacific Coast Sports Fishing Report here is a quick look at both...
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2011 Arizona Trout Stocking Schedule

Stocking information on waters throughout the state is available below. This schedule is tentative and subject to change due to changing water levels and conditions. Consult the Weekly Fishing Report before you go. NOTE: The dates listed below represent the Monday of the week the stocking will occur. Stockings can take place any day throughout that week. 2011 Summer Trout Stocking Schedule...
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Daily Fish Counts for San Diego California

If you are like me, you want to keep track of the daily fish counts coming out of San Diego in preparation for the upcoming Tournament. H & M Landing has a daily fish count website that keeps track of all of the boats each day. We are fishing on the Sea Adventure II sports boat for those of you keeping track. Check in often as the Tuna season approaches. We are looking for good Yellowfin Tuna,...
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